High Visibility Enforcement

High Visibility Enforcement for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Alert Today Florida’s High Visibility Enforcement Program is designed to increase awareness of, and compliance with, traffic laws and regulations that protect the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists on Florida’s roads.

High Visibility Enforcement is a traffic safety approach designed to educate on safe driving, walking, and biking behaviors and to increase compliance with traffic laws. The goal of this data driven enforcement program is to reduce traffic crashes resulting in serious and fatal injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are the most vulnerable road users. Traffic crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists are more likely to result in serious or fatal injuries than other traffic crashes. The physical, emotional, and economic impacts caused by these crashes are significant.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) provides funding to the Institute for Police Technology and Management (IPTM) at the University of North Florida for this high visibility enforcement program.

IPTM provides contracts to law enforcement agencies in priority counties to conduct high visibility enforcement operations in areas with the highest representation of traffic crashes resulting in serious or fatal injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists. High visibility enforcement funds are intended as a crash mitigation tool. High visibility enforcement details are designed to reduce unsafe behaviors of all road users, including motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

If your agency is interested in participating in this high visibility enforcement program, please submit an application with the details specified in the application below, outlining your proposed enforcement efforts. Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted. If you have any questions about the high visibility enforcement program please contact us at ped.bike.safety@iptm.org.

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