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Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons

A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) is an overhead traffic device that resembles a regular traffic signal. It has two side by side red indicators above a single yellow indicator. But unlike a regular traffic signal, the signal face for drivers remains "dark" until the pedestrian activates the beacon. Because PHBs remain dark until activated, they can help increase driver attention to pedestrians crossing the roadway and can reduce rear-end collisions.

How does it work?

While the signal is dark, the pedestrian display shows a Don't Walk indication. To activate the PHB, pedestrians must push the button mounted on the roadside pole. The beacon begins to flash yellow to warn molorists that it has been activated. The brief flashing yellow Is followed by a steady yellow, then by a steady red signal requiring motorists to come to a complete slop at the stop line.

While motorists are seeing the steady red, the Walk sign is lit for pedestrians allowing them to cross the roadway. After the pedestrian WALK phase ends, the pedestrian signal changes to a flashing DON'T WALK to notify pedestrians not to begin crossing. During the flashing Don't Walk phase, the PHB displays alternating flashing red lights to drivers. The flashing red indicates to drivers that they must stop and yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk and can proceed once pedestrians are clear.

Printable Tip Card for Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
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